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About Us

Cool Club was established in 2006 on the Mariposa Campus as an after-school arts enrichment program. By parent request, Cool Camp started several years after as a two-week summer program but due to popular demand, in 2021, we extended to a 7-week summer program. 


Cool Club is currently located on the Sumac and Mariposa Campus in Agoura Hills. Cool Club is open during the school year and hours of operation are Monday-Friday, dismissal-6 PM. Every day your child will participate in two to three arts/fitness enrichment classes included in the daily program.  We recommend you sign-up early, as we are always on a waitlist at the beginning of the year.


Cool Camp is located at Mae Boyer Park in affiliation with Oak Park Community Center and Rancho Simi Recreation and Parks District.  Our camp is open when school is out of session.  Hours are from 9-3 with optional before and aftercare hours. (8-9 & 3-5) your child will participate in daily enrichments in dance, theatre, art, yoga, social skills, and physical fitness. Not to mention waterplay on those especially hot days.  Camp has use of both indoor and outdoor spaces at the park.

*Applications are accepted ongoing but we are usually on a waitlist.  


 Please feel free to email me at or fill out the form below with any questions.


Our History

The Cool Club started out in 2006 as a district, after-school program for the Mariposa School of Global Education.  After district-wide budget cuts the following year, the program was cut but the parents wouldn't let us go away. The school's PFA/CAPTnS partnered with Ms. Amy for several years until she joined the Agoura Hills Calabasas Community Center. Unfortunately, COVID shut down our lovely center but thankfully we are now back partnered with our schools.


Cool Club and Cool Camp have now expanded beyond our Agoura Hills beginnings.  We are now serving Oak Park students as well.  The Cool Club and Cool Camp have taught thousands of students "Coolness through lessons in Kindness and Confidence" and are dedicated to serving the Agoura Hills and Oak Park communities on an ongoing basis. 

Ms. Amy has owned and operated The Cool Club since its beginnings.  It's a funny thing to own "The Cool Club" but Ms. Amy will tell you, that first year, after the submission of program names by students and then a blind ballot, the program was forever deemed, The Cool Club.  Even in those early days, the kids were given ownership of their program.

Meet Ms. Amy


Ms. Amy after one of our Annual cake fights

"When I was asked to create and run an after-school program, I said no way.  I had taught 5th and 6th-grade special ed on an ER credential in Nashville the year before and it was the most difficult year of my life. I didn't think I was ever going to teach children again.  But thank goodness that parent persisted.  Mariposa was just starting and since that parent knew I was in alignment with the new school's philosophies, she convinced me that I'd be a great fit.  And boy, did I ever fit.  It's been over 15 years now and I have never looked back.  The Cool Club and Cool Camp have been one of the best things to come into my life.  I can't begin to tell you how much I have learned from these littles.  They teach me more and more about living a good life every day.

Over the years the program has morphed into what it is today.  Mainly because I listened to the kids and I got in touch with the little kid in me.  I decided to create a program that would do everything that I would have wanted to do when I was a little.  A little bit of learning, a little bit of all the different arts, a lot of dancing, some days of getting dirty, and a whole bunch of silly.  In fact, our last Agreement or "rules" that the kids have to agree to is,  "Have a fall down laughing good time".  And there is not a kid in our program who doesn't shout that out when we get to that agreement...Mind you, we really try to not do the falling down part."

What Parents Say

"I sincerely feel I cannot express well enough how successful and well cared for the children are under Amy's direction. She embodies what she teaches through her remarkable program: Respect, love, compassion, empathy, courage, and self-discipline. She exposes the kids to the Arts. Creative expression, theatrical involvement along with confidence building are key cornerstones of this program. She encourages the children to step outside of their comfort zone. Children are taught an appreciation for their uniqueness and diverse experiences.

— Gisele's mom

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