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Club & Camp Activities

Every day is something new at the Cool Club and Cool Camps.  Aside from daily brainwork, and community time your kids will get a chance to explore the arts, physical fitness, and social skills in a supportive and kind environment.

*All classes are included in your enrollment.  There are no extra fees for participating in our enrichments.

Cool Club/Cool Camp Store

We believe students should take responsibility for their actions. Cool Monies are earned for participating, being a good example, kindness, and being a productive member of our community.  And Cool Monies can be deducted for rude, inappropriate behaviors. Monthly the students will balance their checkbooks to see where they stand.  Our students then have the opportunity to spend their earnings at our once a month Cool Club Store.

Little Girl at the Grocery Shop


During the school year at Cool Club, students will have the daily opportunity to get assistance on their homework as well as be offered challenging brain puzzles to earn points to add to their monthly checkbook.  *assisted homework time for the school year and/or summer school kids.

Young Artists and the Masters

Our young artists will learn about the master artists and their journey to becoming known as masters. Children will learn the history/story of the artist and then of art based on the artist's style, technique, and medium. During Cool Club school year programs, children create 2-3 pieces monthly.  During Cool Camp Kids will learn a new artist each week.


Social & Leadership Skills

This class will focus on teaching children how to teach, lead and be positive role models to each other and society. We will focus on manners, public speaking, recognizing differences, and acceptance in a kind manner, as well as, proper introductions and problem-solving.


Children will be formed into groups where they will create dance moves.  Teachers will then form choreographed songs with the children's moves. The performance will commence at the end of each session.



Children will be led in a fun/silly form of yoga including animal sounds, nature postures, body shapes, and funny noises. These 30-minute classes will end with a 5-minute mindfulness meditation. 

Theatre Arts

Students will learn various theatrical improv games as well as learn how to memorize and perform short scenes. They will get a chance to dress up and play a variety of characters.


Sports- The Rules

We will focus on learning a different sport, its rules, and practices in a fun non-competitive way.  Sports will range from soccer to basketball, and handball to obstacle courses. And everyone wins!

Music Appreciation

We will open children’s minds to different eras, styles, and instrumentation.  Each session will focus on two time periods, movements, or genres. Children will hear music they might never hear and learn new ways to listen, hands-on jam sessions, and of course, more dancing.

Fitness Class

Sign Language in Song

Kids will learn some basic signs while building them up to perform a sign language song.  Performances several times a year.


Kids will learn different styles of poetry and storytelling.  They will get a chance to write, with assistance if needed and share their work among their peers.


Fun Friday

Every week is a party, a time to celebrate being alive and being a kid.  Each week will have a different activity. Activities include pie eating, sand castles/mud play, Limbo/dance party, outdoor city, indoor city, Noodle fight, cake toss, grape spitting, and the list goes on and on.  Your kids create the ideas and we make them safe.  Warning:  Your kids will get dirty and they won't stop talking about the activities.


During the School year Cool Club programs, all students will participate in a year-long project that will start with choosing a novel, creating a screenplay, auditions for actors, and applications for behind-the-scenes positions. We then build our sets, gather and create costumes and props, and film our masterpiece with students behind and in front of the camera.  There's a spot for everyone to be involved in filmmaking.  Lastly, we have our Red carpet event where friends and family are invited to view our finished product.


Special events

We have several events that happen throughout the year that you and your kids will love.  Visits with goats, a New Year/New Start party, the annual Cookie Exchange, and everyone's favorite our annual Thanksgiving feast. The kids cook the entire meal and we serve over 150 friends and relatives while they enjoy our dance, sign language, and theatrical performances.  Every year we add new events at your kid's request.

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